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Selyemre álmodott napsugaras pillanatok

"A legsokoldalúbb selyemfestő."

"A magamra öltött műalkotás."

"A viselhető művészet jegyében festi a selymeit."

"Királynőnek érezheti magát tőle az, aki viseli."

Wearing genuine silk makes you feel confident, special, and free.

A one-of-kind, hand-painted silk scarf, handbag, or an exquisite piece of silken jewelry by Setala tells your story, through both color and form.
Silk artist Andrea Melegh dreams the story onto silk and breathes life into its colors by giving them form, which call out to the world, “Enjoy the moment!”

For over ten years the artist, who is also a diving instructor, has captured on this fine material the depths of the sea; the feeling of floating in the water; the breathtaking world underneath the surface — experiences of abandon that bring joy, happiness, and a sense of freedom to those who own any of her silk scarves, framed art, unique handbags, cosmetic bags, room dividers, and dresses.

Besides exhibiting in her native Hungary, Andrea has been a successful participant at such international artisan fairs and design exhibitions as L’Artigiano in Fiera in Milan and the HOMI Milano. In addition, she teaches the art of silk painting in workshops at her own Silk Painting Garden and at an annual retreat in Croatia.

With the Setala collection, you too can tell your joyful story!

cimlapra am artist
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